Items Which May be Ineligible for Removal

Perhaps, one of the worst problems you hate to encounter in moving is discovering that your removalists can never handle your items the best way possible. So, when you are contracting the removalists Sydney services have, it is important to know which house items they don’t move. This will allow you to get alternative transport services or even a new removalist who can move those items which others consider ineligible.

Additionally, there are certain items which can be moved, but under special conditions and they will thus require adequate preparations before they can be loaded onto the vehicle. Also, it is therefore important to make proper prior preparations in order to simplify the work of the furniture removalists. Sometimes, it may be necessary to have a qualified and professional tradesman to attend to your premises, before you can move certain items to your new premises.

There are items which are generally classified as needing special attention during the move. The items that fall into this category include the following:-

·         The Gas BBQs

·         Animals and pets

·         Plants

·         The fire extinguishers

·         Gardening equipment as well as the lawnmowers which may contain flammable fluids

There are removalists Sydney services render which will be capable of moving these items for you but you will need to make some adequate prior preparation before these items are moved to the desired destination.

Generally, the BBQ gas cylinders are not carried by the removalists Sydney services, unless you have a certificate that is issued by the Gas Cylinder Test Station which has been certified by the Standards Australia which clearly shows that the gas cylinder that you are planning to move has been purged. Many of us will burn the gas out or simply release it into the atmosphere but this carries with it some serious risks and can be quite dangerous. Because the gas is heavy and will not diffuse easily, this can carry with a great explosion risk which can endanger other people’s lives.

If you are planning to move the lawnmowers and other gardening equipment to your new premises, it is important to ensure that all the petrol have been drained from them. In case they are being transported interstate, it is also important that the items are steam-cleaned before they are transported.

Items which may be completely ineligible

Certain items may be completely ineligible for removal. These include the items such as the following:-

·         Dangerous goods which are prohibited

·         Animals (and not pets)

·         Household items which are in an unclean condition

·         Special interest items and collections. These generally vary based on the removalist company’s policy.

·         Plants: In the case of the plants removals, a certificate may be required before the items are moved.

As always, it is important to confer with the removalist Sydney companies in order to determine the range of items which are ineligible for removal. Some removalists may make special arrangements to transport some of the difficult to move items.