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Looking at the main types of electric gates

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There has been a notable increase in the popularity of electric gates over the past few years both for commercial use and even in the residential homes. While there may be many reasons as to why people decide it’s the electric gates that they want on their property, the one that tops the list is the maximum security that these gates offer. These gates offer a solution to burglaries and things like that given that it is stipulated (in an article in budgetdirect.com titled the state of home burglaries in Australia posted on 24th August 2015) that every year, 200,000 burglaries are recorded in Australia. There are four common types of electric gates Melbourne professionals recommend and it’s always advisable that before anyone decides to install an electric gate, they first think about the kind of electric gate they would want for their property.

Electric Gates Melbourne

Swing gates

These are the most widely used as well as popular types of electric gates Melbourne shops sell not just for the commercial property owners but for those that have them in their own residential homes as well. As their name suggests, these gates simply swing upon being turned. You, however, also need to have plenty of driveway space and a leveled surface for them to work.

Sliding gates

While these are not as popular as swing gates, they function in a similar manner. These gates function by sliding to the side when they are turned on. They always offer a better alternative to places where there is not enough driveway space as they do not take up much space. They, therefore, are a great replacement if you don’t want to swing gates, and will be effective in your limited space.

Articulated gates

The articulated electric gates are not as popular as the sliding and the swing gates and the reason is that they don’t have aesthetic appeal as the latter two. They are however pretty simple to install and can even be done by oneself. These therefore are most common among people that love the DIY kind of projects.

Underground gates

These have got to be the most aesthetically appealing of them all. They are however usually very expensive, and thus, cater only to a select few who can afford. These gates work through a series of jacks that are located underground. It’s these jacks that control the gates. They are ideal for people who don’t fancy having big, bulky motors appearing on their property. Due to the way these work, they aren’t really the best option for commercial usages.

If you are looking forward to having electric gates installed on your property, then make sure you check with your local authority as there are some countries that require people with electric gates to have them checked on regular basis. Also, it’s always advisable that you look for a trusted professional who is qualified to do the installation as electric gates can be extremely dangerous when they are not appropriately installed or are not maintained properly. If you are looking for electric gates Melbourne shops sell, visit http://www.themotorisedgatecompany.com.au/