Tasteful Memories: 4 Unique Wedding Catering Ideas

Wedding catering should please, satisfy, and impress—but who says you can’t put a twist? Whether you hire an expert on wedding catering Melbourne has or go DIY, you can play with these ideas to make a lasting impression on your guests:

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1. International Pasta Bar

Affordable and delicious, this dish doesn’t fail to please. Everybody loves pasta. If you’re making a pasta bar, you can either offer them one dish or a variety of options.

You can do this on your own and leave the cooking to the providers of wedding catering Melbourne wide. But you can also leave everything to the providers, from the research to the setup.

  1. Create an “Around the World in 10 Pasta Dishes” theme.
  2. Research how pasta dishes are cooked in 10 different countries.
  3. List down their recipes.
  4. Put the pasta dishes in separate mini-stations, buffet style.
  5. You can either offer the sauces separately or mix them with the pasta.
  6. Design each pasta station with their country’s flags, history facts, or pop culture, etc.

2. Seasonal Ice Cream Stations

Ice cream for the summer season? Why not include the other three? Level up your ice cream station by categorising the flavours into the four seasons.

Like the pasta bar, you can also instruct the provider of wedding catering Melbourne has to design each station according to its theme.

  • Winter – Any flavour in cool colours will do, like blueberry, vanilla, and yam. You can also add coconut shavings to resemble snow. Or you can just offer snow cones.
  • Spring – Fruity, fresh flavours like raspberry, citrus, and strawberry fit this season best.
  • Summer – Fun and sunny flavours in warm colours suit this. (Ex. cookie dough, chocolate, mango, avocado, and apple.)
  • Fall – You can never miss the flavours on this one. Pumpkin, butter pecan, snickerdoodle, and candy cane are your go-to.

3. DIY Crêpe-y Face

Crêpes are easy to make and irresistible—ideal for vibrant, morning weddings. But what’s the twist?

Along with the invitation, you also inform the guests about a contest for the Best Crêpe-Y Face.

Here’s how they’ll participate:

  1. Make a crêpe and put toppings that resemble a face.
  2. Take a picture of the crêpe they made.
  3. Include the wedding’s hashtag on their caption
  4. Post it on Instagram or Facebook.
  5. The person with the weirdest, funniest crêpe will win a prize.

On the other hand, you can also set up a DIY crêpe station that is…

  • …giving unlimited pre-made crêpes.
  • …making fresh crêpes on the spot.
  • …offering unlimited, assorted toppings.
  • …providing disposable cutlery.

4. “Anything Goes” Drinks Bar

Not content with one type of drink station? Why not add plenty of drinks everybody enjoys?

You can hire a supplier of beverage catering Melbourne wide to set up several of the following:

  • Coffee – Perfect for people whose energies easily drop.
  • Bloody Mary – Add in some Jalapenos and you’re good to go.
  • Margarita with a Tequila Shot – For those who want to have real fun.
  • Lemonade – Beyoncé can’t even handle this.
  • Ice-Cold Craft Beer – Time to lure the millennials.
  • Mimosas – Ideal for brunch-time weddings.
  • Champagne Popsicles –Frozen alcoholic drink? Who will say no?

Final thoughts

These are all just suggestions. What’s important is you have fun and satisfy your guests and families. Now, if you need a well-thought cocktail food catering, just visit https://www.essentialcaterer.com.au. Besides weddings, they also provide finger food catering Melbourne Eastern Suburbs wide.