Why should you take the flu shot

According to the latest news, the residents of Western Sydney have been hit badly by an epidemic of influenza. This is why they have been urged to take a flu shot Penrith doctors make available to the citizens. According to statistics, the highest number of flu cases came from this region making everyone alert regarding the disease. The most vulnerable among the population were the children and pregnant women. Influenza can strike anyone and anywhere during a seasonal change or when they catch cold. The worst thing about this disease is that it is a symptom which makes the body weaker and slowly degrades the immune system, making the individual vulnerable to more health adversities. Hence, getting a flu shot in Penrith during the autumn season is a good idea.


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In case, you are still wondering whether or not to settle for a flu jab considering the large amount of myth it carries with itself, here are the reasons why should opt for one.

  • Flu Jabs do not give you flu: Many people have complained that after taking the flu shot Penrith doctors offer the citizens, they have fallen prey to this disease. This has caused the rumour to float that flu jabs give you influenza. But that is not true. Even after taking the vaccination, it might take a certain amount of time for it to start working in the body. During this time there are chances that you might get infected with flu. Further, there are certain bacteria and viruses which cause flu-like symptoms. However, one must also remember that medical science also has its limitations and if you do contract flu even after taking the jab, it might be a special case where the vaccine did not come to the rescue. But flu can be treated using other methods and treatments too.
  • Indifference in people: At times people do not really bother much about taking a vaccination. With already busy schedules in front, most people neglect their health and do not take out time for getting a Penrith flu shot. But this should be avoided. Studies show that a majority of the people who have taken a flu jab have been protected against this disease. Click here vaxsmart for more information.
  • Flu vaccines are for people with specific ages: Many people consider that the flu shot Penrith offers to its citizens is available for only young children, pregnant women and senior citizens. But this is not true. Flu vaccines are for everybody. Although the three specific cases are more vulnerable to this disease and are regularly urged to take the vaccine, it does not mean that the others are neglected under any circumstance.
  • The I –don’t-get-sick squad: there are extreme brave hearts with great immune systems who rarely get sick. But you must remember that no one has any control over diseases and that precaution is always on the brighter side. Such people should also opt for a flu jab so that they can be protected. There is no harm in being protected rather than going through the ordeal and sufferings of influenza later.

Thus, there are many medical facilities offering cheap flu shot in Penrith and it is recommended that you go and get yours immediately as a preventive measure to this epidemic disease.